Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy to be Bitch slapped. I got 99 Problems and a Hitch ain't one.

Maybe you missed this most excellent article? Click it. 

 This article made me happy

Excellent Article: The Unbelievers: The New Atheism and the Old Boy Club -Bitch Magazine

 I used to be so sad about how much more Christopher Hitchens took from my book Doubt for his book GING than he cited. He cited me a lot, but took too much more than he cited. Only place he hinted how much was in the acknowledgements with that word "immensely," - great, but buried comprd to the material and ideas he lifted. I'm so happy to see this nice read of the whole thing, (yay Bitches!) it's nice to know that maybe other ladies has got my back? dudes2? dudes2. Expesilly Godless dudes. It's good. Good enough.

I mean Other things happen, it's not like I suddenly have a honeybadger's life,  I still gotta worry about whether when I proposition myself near the Stairs, Elevators, or TARDII, of my choosing, if I'm gonna come around; also What is the meaning of the universe?; and Who has got keys to the office at night?, and Who has got clearance, Clarence? 

What's the frequency Kenneth?, I am asking, not the station identification, but Rather if you walk around this garden Kenneth, with any frequency. 

No, mum, I'd frequent it more if it had a certain element in it, know what I mean? Sailor. Longshoreman. Tattoo man. Radium. Certain frequent element. This is your poetic license getting licentious again, by which I guess I mean to say...

                             I got 99 problems and a Hitch ain't one.



ps. your milage may vary.


  1. I haven't read Hitchen's book, or anything by Dawkins. Sam Harris I found to be a bit too (dare I use the word?) hysterical for my liking.
    I'm about a quarter of the way through "Doubt" and I'm enjoying it very much. I have a feeling it will find a place on my shelf of "keepers" along with Comte-Sponville and Robert Buckman.

  2. While I read Sam Harris's first two books and think that "hysterical" is an apt characterization. I'm about halfway through Dawkins The God Delusion and may get back to it some day. I do like dipping into Hitchens' The Portable Atheist. However, Doubt, I read cover to cover and shortly after doing so bought The Happiness Myth. I loaned Doubt to a nephew studying philosophy at a Christian college and have not been able to get it back two years after graduation. I finally told him to keep it as a birthday present and will buy my own new copy. Doubt has prompted me to check out other authors, particularly Montaigne. I had studied a few of his essays when doing graduate work in French and some graduate courses in anthropology at the New School. My lifetime project now is to read him all the way through, then go back and work on them again for better understanding. I am very grateful for your work.